COMPLICITY is a series of songs that I wrote over the past year. It is a compilation of what rose to the surface when I sat quietly alone and let my mind wander. It is not intended to be a purposeful manifesto but is in every way deeply personal to me. I spent a series of recent years learning what it means to be your own worst enemy in many cruel and heartbreaking ways. I learned how insidious self doubt can be, the consequences of losing your principles in the face of love, and the shame of being too weak to honor your own instincts. I have been lucky to come out of these experiences in a better situation surrounded by better people, although I have found myself on the other side realizing I'm still here, and my head is still here, and that you can change the scenery but you're still the one standing in it. I guess that's why even now I continue to write about entrapment, how we are entrapped by others, but more importantly, how we entrap ourselves